Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ten Days in Paris!

Paris was definitely one of the highlights of our study abroad program!  We had an incredible line-up of museums, art galleries, restaurants and outdoor excursions put together for us by Dr. Honigsblum (Gerry).  My only regret is that I fell sick with a bad case of bronchitis after only two days in the city, and was not able to attend all of the events.  Without a doubt, however, the highlight of the trip for me was having an opportunity to meet some of Paris's finest artists in the intimate surrounding of their studios.  On the days that I was able to attend, I had the pleasure of meeting the sculptor Shlomo Selinger, and the painter Jean Serolle and his very gracious wife ~ whose warmth, generosity, and humanity left a very deep impression upon me.  It is a very rare thing, at least for me, to be invited into an artist's studio, to see their work close up, and to learn firsthand about their sources of inspiration, ideas, techniques, and investment of labour.  These shall be some of my fondest memories.

~ ~ ~

Below are some images of my Paris visit ~ photos that I took before the 'plague' hit me!            

Feeding the birds outside Notre Dame Cathedral

Detail on Notre Dame Cathedral

On our way to a couscous lunch at a Moroccan restaurant
(definitely one of the best meals we've had this semester!)

Art in the city (one of many examples)
Shlomo Selinger in his studio

One of several beautiful sculptures by Shlomo Selinger

Students laying a wreath under the Arc de Triomphe

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