Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sophie and Marie

If my French has improved while I've been here, it is not because I have been attending the bi-weekly French classes at the Université d'Albi with our talented and committed bunch of students on this Study Abroad program.  No, if it has improved, it is owing to the daily conversations I've had with Marie & Sophie ~ two wonderful staff members at SFU France who have shown me much kindness, warmth and hospitality over the past three months.  After being here only a few weeks, Sophie gave me a little present ~ J.R.R. Tolkien's "Smith of Wootton Major", with English & French translations ~ to help improve my vocabulary, and ease me into French again (after 20 years of not studying or speaking it).  Marie ~ who I see every morning ~ has never failed to seek me out in my priory room to have a conversation with me. Lately, our chats have been about topics such as racism, poverty, French politics, and French Canada (Marie has an aunt who lives in Québec City).  I am so grateful for the kindness that Sophie and Marie have shown me during my stay in Ambialet.  I hope that they don't mind me including a few photos here: 

~ Marie (chatting with me in my room) ~ 

~ Sophie (with a basket of freshly-picked holly for Thxgiving) ~

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