Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Brothel-Bar in Nantes

After our visit to Omaha beach in Normandy, we (Mark, again) drove several hours south to Nantes, where we were supposed to meet up with the other two cars at an obscure, little hotel somewhere on the Île de Nantes.  Well, we had no road map of the city, nor a GPS, and were given only vague directions (“go as far as you can, then turn right… find a bridge… turn right at a rotary highway…”).  Needless to say, we got lost quickly.  We must have circled back over that bridge three or four times, before Jen, in a flash of brilliance, suggested that we stop at a bus shelter to view the city map posted there.  We did, and, having oriented ourselves, found our way to the hotel quickly.  Now the hotel was not ****, or even **…  But it was comfortable, and family-run.  After checking in, we walked a block up the street to a Middle Eastern food restaurant, run by a very hospitable family from Armenia.  I had a Heineken with my dinner, which turned out to be a very good decision, because our plan to enjoy a brew at a bar later on never happened!     

More to come! 

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