Thursday, November 18, 2010

Lunch at the Château de Goulaine

View of the gardens from the Château.
Heraldic emblem of the House of Goulaine
(Red and blue signify the union of English & French noble lineages).
René de Goulaine founded the earliest European colony in Florida (1500s)
His accomplishment was not recognized at the time because he was a Calvinist.

One of several beautiful tapestries in the Château.

Mark inspecting the wine (in medieval cellar of château).

Right:  Gerry talking with Prof. John Tolan, our distinguished guest from the Université de Nantes
(who later shared with us his fascinating work on "S. Francis and the Sultan")

Kerstin and Shane at reception.

The gang before we sat down for lunch
(not pictured: our gracious hostess, the Marquisse de Goulaine, and our special guest, Prof. John Tolan)

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