Thursday, November 25, 2010

History in Ambialet

For their year-end project, students have decided to a do a cultural history study, focusing on the traditions, cuisine, and local history of Ambialet.  Some of them (Becca, Melanie, Kerstin & Ed) chose to conduct interviews; they prepared several questions in French ahead of time. The others (Lauren, Shane & Gabe) decided to gather information on the history of Ambialet using written texts (see below).  We are so thankful to Mamie and Christiane, who generously shared their extensive knowledge of Ambialet with us, with great patience and good humour, and also to our wonderful hosts and translators, Margaret and Peter, who arranged more than one of these meetings for us!    

Left to right: Becca, Melanie, Mamie, Christiane, Kerstin, & Ed.

Pictured in the center are Margaret and Peter
The texts that Gabe, Lauren & Shane will use for this project.

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