Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving in France

We are all so far away from home ~ missing our family and friends ~ me included!  I am the lone Canadian, you see. That brings a special kind of isolation.  My family is so very far away.  God, I miss Canada!  God, I miss my family!  How many times have I played 'Hymns of the 49th Parallel'?  ...But on one special night here in Ambialet, when we all ~ Americans, French, and myself, the lone Canuck ~ came together to share and celebrate a Thanksgiving feast, I was able to put aside, at least temporarily, this deep longing in my heart to see my loved ones.  I'll share with you some of the photos I took of our very special Thanksgiving celebration held at Le Prieuré.  Not pictured here is Tim Perkins ~ our first toast went to him.  

~ Shane, Peter, and sweet little Daniel ~
~ Kora-Lee (who's coming to Loretto next semester!) and Ed ~

~ Deb, Peter and Margaret ~

~ Melanie, Kerstin & their Enviro-friendly Tree ~

Left to Right: Sophie, Eric, Becca, John, Melanie, Kerstin, Deb & Mark
Gerry (seated) & Olga (far right) & their son Daniel

It seems fitting to include one famous 'Hymn of the 49th Parallel' here... Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah", sung by the incredible k.d. lang. I think of my parents whenever I listen to it, because my mother loves Cohen, while my father loves the 'big-boned gal from southern Alberta.'  ;-)


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